Independent volunteers who worked in Athens for several months, actively collaborating in the management of squats in all matters related to support, shelter and other functions for living in community. In addition, other important resources were provided, such as psychological care or legal information, and so the functions of dissemination and visibility of the refugees’ reality began. Following this on-site collaboration experience in Athens, they came to the conclusion that it’s necessary to tackle the problem of the humanitarian crisis at root, which means fighting the wave of racism by sensitizing and massively difussing what’s happening. The critical situation of the families disintegrated through the continent due to the closing of borders was also ment to be addressed in a more direct way. Thus, they embarked on the Refugeless project, seeking to awake the human side of European citizenship and rejoining the emotional bonds that unite these families.

Writing and research

               Eva Serós y Jose Márner

Filming and postproduction

               Eva Serós y Jose Márner


               Eva Serós, Eva López y Jose Márner


Álvaro Sánchez, Anna F. Testani, Aroa Peña Felipe, David Martorell, Laila Chagouri,  Pablo Pino, Pamela Leiva,  Sanaa Namro El Tahan y Eva López

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