Mountain is a spanish company of high performance devices that decided to lend us one of their computers, specifically the GRAPHITE 17", in order to us to face the big challenge that is the postproduction of the documentary.

Hozt Zarauzt

A NGO working for the rights of the refugees.


An Anonymous collective of activists willing to change it all through art. Artivism works in different projects focused from different modalities.

Asociación Bomberos Zaragoza

An association in charge of organizing non-profit events to raise funds for just and necessary causes.

Kontrakantxa Gaztetxea

A self-managed social center in Hernani where socio-cultural events are promoted and collaborative projects are supported.

Acció Solidaria Mediterranea

Acció Solidària Mediterrània is a group of people who have joined together to try and improve the situation of the refugees in Athens.

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Humble collectives that one day emerged in response to an injustice or as a tool to change something. In a society in which the most basic values are blurred, they still stand for human rights and work towards the common and universal welfare. They did not hesitate in supporting Refugeless, and that’s why they are so important.