Refugeless (without refugee) is an ambitious humanitarian and audio-visual project born as a confrontation of the shameful answer of the European Union to the migratory crisis. It is a big escalate project aim to get closer physically and emotionally to the families of refugees that have been tear apart for months because of the closed border policy. Furthermore, register and share the situation of every member, no matter where they are, to have a global vision and tell firstly how they are really living and feeling. Refugeless is definitely a project considered as a direct, therapeutic and benefit action for those disintegrated families in Europe and a final product: a documentary where those persons will be the main protagonist and only them will tell us about their situation; it is about giving the voice to the voiceless and awake the human side and the empathy of who ever will watch it.


We begin




Balkans I




Seven months of travel through Europe leave space to many good and bad experiences or sensations. A travel to visit the family of those persons we interviewed in Greece and to show them private messages where they tell what can just simply say in front of a phone’s camera, emotionally opened and to recreate those almost broken emotional links by geographical borders.

A travel to fully document each one of their experiences and hopes with asylum and its difficulties.

A travel to tell what is really happening in the so idolized Europe where we live to show the ugly truth; if you want to follow us, we will tell you firstly here.